Spring Plant Sale

   Country Garden and Farm Market will be holding our annual spring plant sale May 10-12 at the Three Rivers Co-op located at 1612 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808. Hours are Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm.

 Country Garden offers the largest selection of vegetable and herb starts in the area. We start all of our plants ourselves either from seed or cuttings. When using seeds, Country Gardens ops to purchase certified organic whenever possible. When this is not an option, we use untreated seeds in order to keep with our certified organic name. 

   To top it all off, Country Garden makes our very own potting soil mixture. Worm farm byproduct makes up the bulk of the mixture. The worm farm byproduct is a natural fertilizer for your plants, helping them grow healthy and strong. Also in the potting soil are perlite and vermiculite, used for moisture retention, to help keep the mixture loose. These are the differences between our potting soil and commercial potting soil. Our mixture has life to it, beneficial bacteria and fungi, whereas the commercial soil is void of life and viability.

   Browse our greenhouse in the spring to find hundreds of plants to start your own garden. We currently sell over 100 different varieties of tomatoes, ranging from heirloom and cherry to slicing and paste. Dan has a wealth of knowledge and can help you find the type of tomato perfect for you and your family. Country Garden also has over 60 types of peppers available. Selling multiple varieties of both sweet and hot, there is sure to be a pepper to meet your needs. We even carry the Carolina Reaper pepper, the hottest pepper in the world.

   If you are planning on growing a large garden this summer or simply would like to guarantee you get the specific variety of vegetables or herbs you want, feel free to fill out our order in advance. The Word icon on the right contains our plant starts order form. When finished, return to either Dan or Wendy in person or email the completed list.

Spring Vegetable Plant Order Form

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